Motherly Love's Guide to Amp Your Inner Peace for An Awesome Holiday Season!

If you were to ask yourself what factors could help make your holiday season feel more aligned for you, what would they be?  

An easy pitfall of the season is the obligatory expectation of holiday joy that can feel less than authentic when we go the through the motions of festive ‘to-dos’ without first aligning our internal holiday spirit, if you will.  Too often seasonal expectations of how we should feel don’t match our realities zapping our mood and energy levels, challenging our ability to find our peace (in a season, ironically, all about peace and love). At this still early stage in the hopeful climb towards peak holiday fulfillment, now may be a perfect time to set an intention for yourself that keeps what you cherish most alive and accessible.  Think of it as self-care holiday goal-setting.   Personally meaningful experiences that warm your heart and bond your village will also nourish your health and happiness and deserve to be at the top of your priority list.
To amp up inner peace during the holidays, try setting aside 5 minutes (ideally before starting your day) to get quiet and go inwards…set a timer if that helps you commit!  These 5 minutes can create an opportunity to gain greater clarity with how you are feeling and how you might prefer to feel, what types of traditions you would like to invest your energy in-  and how to be additive in spreading true warmth and glow to your own celebrating, as well as to your community.  As we amp up our intention, we increase our chances of better holiday outcomes and memories. 
Some creative questions to ask yourself to get the 'snow'ball rolling...                                          what holds the greatest meaning for you during the holidays?

  •  Is it the gathering of friends? Of family? Of community? 
  •  The sharing of time and the exchange of love and laughter?
  •  Contributing to the betterment of those in great need in your life, whether close family member or friend, or those in great need in the wider world?
  • The cherished meaning of a familiar tradition that may require some updating to enhance its resonance?
  • Creating a brand new tradition to address what might feel missing in your holiday experience?
  •  Respecting your own need for more time for personal reflection and restful downtime?
  •  Taking time to be grateful and express gratitude for everything positive happening in your life?
  •  Honoring the beloved memories of those no longer present in person but whom are so crucially loved and cherished in you and your families’ lives? 

Pick what feels most alive for you when you picture your holiday being truly awesome!  Honoring who you are and what you can contribute will add greater meaning and deeper connection to your holiday celebrating.  Once you feel clear about what’s most important to you, use your 5 minutes a day to to breath deeply into the creative ways you can integrate these meaningful experiences into your holidays.  Use your 5 minutes to engage your ideas and make your plans.  And, when ready, use your 5 minutes to take simple actions and create your holiday visions.

 The holiday season can be a powerful invitation to deepen our inner peace and connection to ourselves while we spread more collective peace in a world that could really use it!  Amp it up!