Originally founded in the mid-1990's to provide the highest quality massage experience for pregnancy, Motherly Love now combines therapeutic massage and acupuncture with the luxury of the housecall to relax and renew NYC's thriving parental community. Dedicated to this purpose since attending the U.S.A.'s oldest massage school, The Swedish Institute, and earning her Master's Degree in Acupuncture, owner Leigh Withers has advanced the art of pregnancy and postpartum wellness support through combatting pregnancy fears/misconceptions and empowering clients to realize their ideal passage into parenthood.  

Since becoming a mother of two, Leigh has broadened the scope of practice through scrupulous vetting of practitioners qualified to become part of the Motherly Love team.  With our well-educated perspective and pro-active therapeutic techniques, the Motherly Love team supports our clients through pregnancy, labor, postpartum recovery and onwards, through the immense journey of parenthood.