3 Reasons Why Spring Is The Most Awesome Time To Upgrade Your Perspective

Spring has finally arrived in NYC- yaayyyyy!  It’s time for a spring cleaning of your goals! According to the 6,000 year old wisdom of Chinese medicine, spring is the optimal season to hone your life vision and clarify a plan!

Here are 3 tips to tune up your future you:  

1) Be like the trees.  According to the 5 element principles of Chinese medicine, spring is the season of Wood energy.  What is wood energy? If we observe nature in spring, the most striking feature is witnessing how trees transform from their winter dormancy to a full flourish of vibrant green seemingly while we blink.  This abrupt transformation reminds us how quickly vibrant renewal (yes- re-birth) can actually happen in our lives.  The other huge trait of trees is their height.  They grow and they grow and they grow.  Trees are how our closest DNA relatives literally get perspective- by climbing up them.  In this way, trees can “see”.  They are our nature metaphor for gaining a long distance perspective through growth and vision.

Spring is the time to ask yourself, “how would I like to grow?”  

2) Tap into the power of your eyes.  After answering the previous key question, the next step is to create your vision.  Ideally, on paper.  You can even get crafty and create a vision board.  Imagine and include all of the things that are important to you in your life now and what you would like to invite into your life in your future.  Activate your imagination to really see and feel your vision. What new vibrant flourish do you want and need in your life that will make your life more you?  Really envisioning this can help align you with a path to achieving it. Leave this visual creation in a spot where you can see it every day for inspiration and motivation.

3) Create your plan.  In Chinese medicine philosophy, spring is the season of strategy. As nature wakes up from the dormancy of winter, spring is a reminder to make and activate your plans so they will grow. Tap into your strategic side, break your plan into singular actions you can take.  Make it clear, make each step simple enough to be ‘doable’, and then take action to see what you can build.

Nature as teacher shows us that what happens on a ‘macro’ level (such as the intense vibrancy and flourishing renewal of spring all around us) also happens on the ‘micro’ level- within us. In other words, whatever spring inspires in you- own it, create it, love it, and live it! It is the season of inner (and outer) revolution.  Be the change you want to see in the world!