Willing (not wishing for) A SAFER World For Our Children Through ACTION

Unfortunately, as parents, there are so many causes impacting our children, which require us to INVEST our time and resources.  Certainly, protecting the environment. Certainly, on-going protection/education in internet/social media safety.  And, tragically, and certainly, gun safety issues in America.  Did you know that the United States has ‘by far’ the greatest amount of gun ownership in the developed world?  And, ‘by far’ the greatest amount of deaths by gun violence.  That’s one death every 15 minutes.  I repeat, that’s one death every 15 minutes.  Japan, by contrast, has the lowest level of gun ownership and ’typically fewer than’ 10 deaths annually by gun violence.  I repeat, ’typically fewer than’ 10 deaths annually.  

I just joined EVERYTOWN for Gun Safety (started by mayors & moms: everytown.org) and I plan on supporting the legal and institutional change the students in Florida are currently calling for.  I encourage everyone with a child to do the same.  I encourage you to channel your deepest passion for the safety of your children into actions that shift our laws and policies and CO-CREATE a better world.