Motherly Love's Guide to 3 Commitments That Will Increase Your Positive Vibes for 2018!

Commitment #1) Value yourself more! Yes, this does translate to love yourself!
More specifically, we are talking self-talk.  Aka- the convos that happen all day long between you & yourself.  These convos hold great power over your self-esteem, self-worth, decision making, and prioritizing.  What tone or attitude are you choosing to communicate with yourself?  Is it a positive, supportive, friendly voice?  Do you talk to yourself with loving kindness? If not, why not? This inner tone can affect and influence every life experience you have. If there’s a recurring naysayer voice or a critic that won’t quit the critique, how about trying the “mantra” re-programming technique? Write a little list of a few of the top not-so-awesome things you tend to say to yourself and then next to each write a new substitute message for yourself.  Yes, tell yourself how awesome you truly are- often! It can help boost your spirits- and if you laugh at yourself at first because it feels strange and different, you are on the right track. Treat yourself how you want to the world to treat you. Commit to being your own bestie in 2018!  

Commitment #2) Hook up with nature!  Western studies are confirming what our instincts have always known, being in nature, walking in a forest, smelling a flower, touching a rock, listening to water all help to bolster our nervous system and re-align us with a more conducive state of being. Yes, that translates as reducing our stress levels! The more time we spend re-connecting ourselves with the nature that is around us, the more we can feel the inter-connection with the nature within us- which is a great source of inner power. This is important for feelings of wholeness and well-being.  So kiss a frog and hug a tree as often as possible.

Commitment #3) Breathe deeply now!  Repeat!
You got this! This one little commitment can transform your life.  Try it- it works like positivity magic with longevity health benefits to boot.